♥ Sign up online using the pink box below. Provide your email, and mailing info. Your info will be kept confidential. The only other person to see your mailing info will be the person sending it to you.

♥ I have an ordered list of yogis. When you receive the mat, email me immediately so I can send you the mailing info of the person you will send it to.

♥You are  responsible for any mailing costs. If you don't think you'll be able to afford this, please wait until you're ready.

♥Don't keep the mat for longer than a few days. We want to keep it moving!

♥With the mat there will be a journal. Feel free to share about your experience/practice on the mat. You may also share a favorite quote/mantra/etc.

♥The journal is a sacred space. Keep what's written in it confidential! If you wish to share your experience, contact me!

♥Want to share your experience? Send us an email including a pic/vid and your experience/mantra/etc for us to share on instagram!

The Traveling

Yoga Mat...

We want  to spread love and light to as

many people, and as many places as possible.

It is a way to connect on a deeper level with other human beings. The mat is a place to practice where other beautiful souls have before you. It is a sacred space to open your heart, play,laugh, meditate, cry, manifest, breath...

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