• Elisha Cormier


About a year ago I finished my 200hr yoga teacher training, scored a local teaching job, and was daydreaming about teaching in exotic places around the globe. My goal was to become a travelling yoga teacher- teaching throughout the US and internationally, spreading love & light everywhere I go. This past fall I was lucky enough to score a teaching job at a hostel

in Greece, on a sundeck that overlooked the ocean, and taught a few private lessons in Austria. In less than a month I leave for New Zealand for my

second backpacking & yoga teaching adventure. I'll be teaching at a

hostel in exchange for housing and food. How? How do you manage to pursue your dreams, have the money for travel, live the life you actually want to live? Manifesting.

Figure out what you want-and put it out there in the universe. Manifest the life you want. Every once in a while I get out a pen and paper and write a stream of conciousness - basically writing everything that comes into your brain down without thinking, and without the intention of it ever being read. Let everything out- cleanse yourself. It might be very scattered, but eventually you might come to a couple of solid points. The things that are really bothering you, the things you want to change, the things you want to do. Make a list of these things. Particularly the things you want. They can be broad like happiness, health, to laugh more, play more, have more energy, or more specific- become a massage therapist, photographer, have a better relationship with your parents. Write down anything and everything that comes to mind- even if its completely impossible and out of reach. Don't hold back. Figure out what your obstacles money, fear, finding a job, etc. And then write some action steps. Become a travelling yoga teacher seemed really far fetched, something you can't actually do, but I wrote some steps anyways. Some of them were; sign up for ----> apply for yoga jobs, contact hostels and see if theyre interested in yoga, gain local teaching experience, work my waitressing job as much as possible to make enough money, etc. I also meditated on the idea- I focused solely on the idea-it's energy-and meditated on it. I created my own jobs- contacting businesses who didn't offer yoga nor were atively looking for it, and taught free outdoor classes to friends and family. Using the law of attraction and some good 'ol hard work, I'm living my dream. If you want to do something- no matter how absurd or impossible it sounds- you can do it. There's nothing stopping you. Manifest it.

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